The Price of Mental Health

One thing is for certain, the issues surrounding mental health are still as prevalent today as they will be tomorrow. Good health is about both physical and mental wellbeing. Mental health problems affect people in every country across the world, but they are often neglected and the people who experience these issues are hidden. 80% of people diagnosed with mental health issues live in low- and middle-income countries, where fewer than 1 in 5 individuals receive any treatment. For schizophrenia and other disorders, the price of mental health is overwhelming.

The Cost of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a chronic brain disorder that affects less than one percent of the United States. The struggles with living with a loved one with schizophrenia doesn’t just include the emotional toll the disease puts on the family and the individual, it also impacts them financially. New research has estimated that the cost of schizophrenia to US society in 2013 was $115 billion and around $44,772 per individual with the disease. The majority of the economic impact was from the loss of work for the individual with the disease, and the second most significant cost impact was the loss of work from their caregiver or loved one.

Mental Health Schizophrenia

The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Funding and other resources designated to mental health are almost non-existent in many healthcare systems around the world. However, when they do exist, they are often not sufficient. They are rarely integrated with other health services, and the stigma attached to mental health issues prevents many people from using this service. It is a silent battle and those suffering feel like they are not in a position to ask for help.

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