Ashley Stone

Ashley Stone

Ashley Stone

Patient Recruitment Coordinator

Ashley Stone, Patient Advocacy and Community Outreach Lead for WRN, serves as President of the Board of Directors of a local non-profit community farm and has volunteered in multiple organizational capacities growing community through soil and envisioning a world with food security and sustainability for over 10 years. She is also on the Board of Directors for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Northwest Arkansas and understands the need for and importance of clinical research to provide better future outcomes for those in vulnerable populations. With 24 years of medical experience, Ashley has always been eager to help her community with various acts of charity, volunteerism, and philanthropy. Ashley provides community outreach through engagement to ensure effective communication on the specific needs of clinical research with providers, organizations, and individuals. Utilizing education about our clinical trials along with her passion to provide resources for those in current trials, Ashley strives to bridge the gap for continuum of care by fostering relationships with partnering organizations who can provide transitioning patients with direction, aid and compassion.



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